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7 Top Tips To Getting the Right Car Seat Advice

Before you buy:

  1. Avoid 2nd hand car seats, you cannot be sure of their history.
  2. Research & Prioritise Safety.  All seats must pass minimum standards of safety some manufacturers test way beyond these standards
  3. Get independent advice If not from Child Seat Safety then contact your local authority road safety team.  Many have been through the IOSH course or can direct you to someone who is experienced

At the point of sale

  1. Ask for the car seat expert in store to serve you.  Ask what qualifications they have.  If they are IOSH qualified they should be able to provide you with their accreditation number.
  2. If they aren’t available ask for an appointment
  3. Where possible make sure your accredited expert shows you how to fit the seat in your car.  This avoids confusion & should give you confidence to fit the seat correctly yourself
  4. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this.  Car seat fitting clinics occur across the country so drop in & get your car seat checked

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What Does The Course Involve?

The IOSH course has 5 modules with an assessment criteria in order to be qualified. The qualification lasts for 3 years with a renewal required within 2 months of the expiry date. See TESTIMONIALS here

The Five Modules include:

Knowing The Law • Knowing The Vehicle • Knowing Child Development

Knowing The Variety of Seats •    Knowing The Customer

We work with:

What People Say About the course:

Alan Kennedy, Former Chair of Road Safety GB said.

"This qualification is a huge step forward in the road safety field. It is a much needed and long overdue qualification that will give hundreds or even thousands of people who check car seats, the confidence in knowing that they have received high quality training, to ensure our children are safe in cars. Congratulations to the team and I wish them the very best for the future". More IOSH course feedback here.

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Your Car Seat Questions Answered

Thank you to all those that took part in our Live Forum event for Global Road Safety Week.  As you can see were really busy on what proved to be a ‘hot topic’

We have published your questions & our full answers here.

Expert Witnesses

During 2014 we have been branching out into new areas of work, one of these was to act as Expert Witnesses in a case being held at Crown Court.

Although very sad, as it involved the death of an infant, the case was interesting and exposed us to a new area of work.  We were asked to prepare a report on how the infant had been transported in the vehicle and how the child restraint had reacted in the collision.  We were also required to attend Court to explain our findings.

The surprising thing for us was the little knowledge other professionals had regarding transporting children safely and the outcomes that could be caused by the incorrect use of restraints, and how often this is overlooked in these types of cases.

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The Car Seat Fitting Minefield

We understand that fitting your child’s car seat correctly can be a bit of a minefield.  After all if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be needed.  

There are so many different seats, for different stages of development, with different features, fitting different vehicles in different ways.  It’s logical that you should seek out advice before you buy a car seat but...

How do you know you can trust that advice, how do you know it is up to date & has the best interest of you and your children at heart?

At Child Seat Safety we are determined to increase the base knowledge of as many people as possible & provide specialist fitting training for specialists & retailers, so you as a parent can be confident the advice you are getting is correct & up to date.

Accredited In Car Safety Training

Child Seat Safety provides training and advice to anyone responsible for the fitting of child restraints. Child Seat Safety provide the only nationally accredited training course which has been licenced by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Julie Dagnall & Claire Waterhouse, used their experience of working in the field of Road Safety education, training and publicity over the last 20 years to establish Child Seat Safety Limited in 2011. During their extensive careers, they have successfully developed and coordinated a wide range of initiatives for practitioners and the public. They have a wealth of experience in the field of child road safety including the safe transportation of children in vehicles.

Child Seat Safety is committed to providing high quality training and support to anyone who may be responsible for the fitting of child restraints either in their role as a retailer, practitioners, public sector or volunteer worker.
Child Seat Safety is available to undertake bespoke pieces of work within the field of Road Safety as well as in car safety.

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